Final Fantasy XV's benchmark is pretty and demanding

The latest main-series entry in the ever-more-curiously-named Final Fantasy franchise is Final Fantasy XV. The title was a smash hit on consoles in 2016, and the Windows Edition isn't far off. Square-Enix says that the PC version has "advanced a generation" compared to the previous release, and to help assuage fears that nobody will be able to run the sprawling open-world title, the company has released a benchmark so users can see if their machines are up to spec.

It wouldn't be a Final Fantasy game without Chocobos.

In the test, we see friendly mechanic Cindy help the boys back the Quartz Regalia sedan off her wrecker, and then they go for a very short drive before disembarking. They hop on chocobos, and again ride a very short distance before hopping off to catch a fish. After that, there's a brief battle scene that Noctis ends abruptly with a Shiva summon. Finally, the crew sets up camp and chitchats around the fire.

Ridiculously lush depictions of food are a feature of the game.

All in all, the benchmark takes about six and a half minutes to run, and it does look pretty nice. It's a little buggy—by aggressively mashing the arrow keys you can break the benchmark and take limited control of Noctis. It also seems fairly non-deterministic, which is to say that each of my 3 runs were pretty different. The scores weren't far apart, though. The benchmark supports Nvidia Ansel screenshots, although it lacks a few of the controls found in other games, like exposure and lighting adjustments. The PC version of the game will integrate some Nvidia GameWorks visual tech, and it'll have some other interesting features like mod support and first-person mode.

The benchmark results screen.

If you'd like to test your rig, you can grab the Final Fantasy XV benchmark from Square-Enix directly, although if that server is slow, our friends at TechPowerUp are also hosting the file. You can check that your machine is performing up to par compared to others with the same graphics card by comparing to Square Enix's own results on this page. The full game releases on Steam, Origin, and the Windows Store on March 6 for $50.

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