Today's reviews

  • CPU Review gets back to its roots, taking a further look at a 1GHz Sys CF1000. Bill has really outdone himself (and, well, everyone else) with that massive, 3D graph of 3DMark 2000 results.

  • BXBoards forsakes its roots, reviewing NinjaMicro's FreeSpeed Pro Athlon overclocking card¬ócomplete with kernel compile benchmarks, no less. We've got one of these pups in for review, and it's mighty small. I like that.

  • SystemLogic's web-freak interview series continues with the dude from 3DWars. Check it out.

  • Now this is interesting. It's a massive chart showing the performance of the various generations of graphics cards Asus has released over time, from the Riva 128 to the GeForce. If you click the link, beware the pop-up. Sheesh.

  • If you're getting ready to build your own Athlon system, you probably oughta check out the boy wonder's Athlon Buyer's Guide, part 4, which outlines some considerations you'll have to weigh when choosing a power supply.

  • Don't miss this history of the K6 processor.
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