SK Hynix's new enterprise SSDs top out at 4TB

When I got up this morning, gerbils, do you know what was the first thing I thought? I wished there were more SSDs to choose from. Fortunately, SK Hynix is here to help me out. The company's been selling SSDs under its own name since 2012, but its newest models are enterprise drives based on its latest in-house 72-layer 64 GB NAND flash packages. As a result, they're going to top out at 4TB in capacity.

These enterprise offerings aren't the first SSDs in the company's catalog based on these flash chips. However, the previous models were client SSDs. The new drives will come in 2.5" SATA and unspecified NVMe form, although judging from the picture we presume SK Hynix means M.2. That doesn't rule out PCIe add-in cards or U.2 drives, though.

The company released some performance figures for a 1 TB SATA SSD with the new flash. The drive will perform sequential reads at up to 560 MB/s, sequential writes at up to 515MB/s, random reads at up to 98K IOPS, and random writes at up to 32K IOPS. Its PCIe cousin will apparently do 2700 MB/s on sequential reads, 1100 MB/s on sequential writes, 230K IOPS on random reads, and 35K IOPS on random writes. The comparatively poor write performance is a little peculiar for what SK Hynix is calling an "enterprise" SSD, but there are multiple read-heavy workloads to choose from in a datacenter. Despite the enterprise designation, SK Hynix doesn't share any durability data with us.

The company also doesn't elaborate on the capacities it will be offering. We know the 2.5" SATA drives will max out at 4 TB. Meanwhile, the NVMe SSDs will "have a capacity of more than 1TB." SK Hynix is currently sampling the product to server and datacenter customers in the US, so we could see them on the market later this year.

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