1. 3DSpotlight has Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 fix list
  2. littlewhitedog on adding USB 2.0 support in Win2K / XP / Linux
  3. AMDZone has AMD Q4 earnings CC notes
  4. Ace's Hardware has Hammer speculation (thanks billb)
  5. VIA chipset data sheets (thanks becubed)
  6. Designtechnica's Home Theater PC project

  1. SLCentral's P4 'Northwood' & Athlon XP 2000+ comparison
  2. SimHQ's CPU dogfight
  3. PCstats reviews Athlon XP 2000+
  4. accelenation reviews MSI 860D Pro & Iwill DX400-SN
  5. SocketA reviews Abit KG7-RAID
  6. 3dGameMan reviews Shuttle AK35GTR
  7. TweakTown reviews EPoX EP-4SDA+
  8. HotHardware reviews NVIDIA nForce reference board
Multimedia and networking

  1. Dark-Tweaker on GF3 Ti 500 overclocking
  2. Computer Source reviews Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 speakers
  3. ThinkTechie reviews Compaq iPAQ 3765
  4. I am not a geek reviews 64MB Crucial CompactFlash memory card
  5. 8Balls Hardware reviews rounded IDE & floppy cables
  6. The Tech Zone reviews CrazyPC green cold cathode light kit
  7. TargetPC reviews Actiontec 802.11b wireless networking
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. EXHardware reviews Enermax Whisper EG465P-VE (FC) 431W PSU
  2. Fast-MHz updates case mods gallery
  3. Overclockers Australia does case cutting on the cheap
  4. Dan's Data reviews Lian Li PC-71 and PC-75 cases
  5. Amdmb reviews Noblesse electric blue case
  6. Viper's Lair reviews Swiftech MCXC370
  7. Mikhailtech's ultimate heatsinks roundup: part 4
  8. OcPrices reviews NoiseControl Magic Fleece noise dampening material
  9. BurnOutpc reviews Arctic Silver 3
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