Aorus' AC300W Lite ATX case trims the fat

Do you recall that Aorus AC300W case that we looked at last year? That enclosure is a pretty-standard mid-tower case with a big window, tasteful RGB LED accents, and fancy front-panel I/O. Perhaps Aorus thinks that the extra cost incurred by the front panel HDMI and USB Type-C connections put purchasers off the AC300W, seeing as the company is about to launch the AC300W Lite. The new case is externally mostly identical to its predecessor save for the loss of those two front-panel connections.

That means the AC300W Lite is an ATX mid-tower chassis with tasteful RGB LED accents and the usual horizontally-partitioned interior design. The new case does lose a couple internal features compared to the older model. One of the 2.5" drive mounts behind the motherboard is gone, and the rear fan mount will only accept 120-mm fans instead of 140-mm spinners. It's not completely clear why these limitations exist since the case's dimensions remain the same at 18.4" tall, 18" long, and 8.3" wide (47 cm x 46 cm x 21 cm).

You still can mount two 3.5" or 2.5" drives in bays in the bottom compartment and another two 2.5" drives behind the motherboard. The AC300W Lite will also take three 120-mm fans or two 140-mm fans in the front, two fans of either size in the top, and the 120-mm spot in the rear comes with a fan preinstalled. Liquid-cooling enthusiasts will be happy to know that the AC300W Lite can take in radiators up to 360 mm in size in the front, heat exchangers as long as 280 mm in the top section, and a 120-mm unit in the rear. Maximum graphics card length is 15.7" (40 cm), power supply maximum length is 7.1" (18 cm), and CPU cooler height tops out at 6.7" (17 cm).

The original AC300W is hard to find these days, at least in the US. Newegg apparently had it listed until Christmas for about $142, but it's now sold out. The e-tailer also had listed it on eBay for $130, likewise sold out. Gigabyte hasn't revealed how much the AC300W Lite will cost, but we'd bet on it being a fair bit cheaper than the AC300W when it hits stores.

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