Dell EMC grows AMD server options with an Epyc trio

Ryzen's been on the market a while now, but systems based on AMD's Epyc server processors have been a little harder to come by—particularly if you wanted them from a major vendor. It doesn't get a whole lot more "major" than Dell EMC, though. Along with AMD, that group just announced three new rack-mounted server units based on AMD's massive microprocessors: the PowerEdge R6415, R7415, and R7425.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7415 and R7425 2U rack servers

The R6415 is a slim 1U chassis, while the R7415 and R7425 are 2U designs. The top-end R7425 is a dual-socket machine. The R7415 and R6415 are meanwhile single-socket systems, but all three can take any Epyc CPU, including the top-end 32-core 180-W Epyc 7601. Thanks to Epyc's 8-channel DDR4 memory controller, the single-socket setups can take up to 2 TB of memory, while the R7425 can take 4 TB. 

Dell EMC PowerEdge R6415 1U rack server

Whichever system you choose, you've got 128 lanes of PCIe to play with. For the R6415, it looks like most of that bandwidth will be going to network and storage hardware, as it can have up to ten 2.5" NVMe drives. The thicker 2U models can be configured with risers accomodating either three PCIe x16 cards on the R7415, or six on the R7425.  Alternatively, you can stuff 24 2.5" drives or 12 3.5" drives in either 2U machine. As usual, Dell offers extensive options to customize your configuration for your specific workload.

We won't get into all the nitty-gritty details of the hardware configurations here; if you're curious, you can click the links ahead for the full specifications. AMD says Dell EMC's new PowerEdges are available worldwide today. The 1U R6415 starts at $2179, the 2U R7415 starts at $2349, and the 2U dual-socket R7425 begins at $3819.

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