HP's Z27, Z32, Z43, and S270n displays dress up for work

HP introduced four new 4K displays yesterday. The stylish 27" S270n comes from the company's office-focused EliteDisplay line, while the Z27, Z32, and Z43 displays belong in the manufacturer's Z Display family. All four monitors have the same 3840x2160 resolution, and their USB Type-C connectors can send an input signal while powering a compatible attached device. These displays are built for work environments, so refresh rates top out at 60 Hz at full resolution and adaptive-refresh-rate tech isn't part of the spec sheet.

HP Z43

The new Z 4K monitors come in 27", 32", and 42.5" sizes. All three have integrated USB 3.0 hubs with at least three downstream ports. The Z27 and Z32 come color-calibrated from the factory and have 1300:1 static contrast ratios. The Z43 isn't factory-calibrated and has a slightly-lower 1000:1 contrast ratio, but it's also the largest 4K display HP has ever offered. All three models are built around 10-bit IPS panels rated for 350 cd/m² of maximum brightness. The backsides of all three new Z displays are studded with regular and mini-DisplayPort 1.2 connectors, plus HDMI 2.0 and the previously-mentioned USB Type-C inputs with support for DisplayPort alternate mode.

HP S270n

Meanwhile, Anandtech says the S270n has a 14-ms response time, a 1300:1 contrast ratio, and a 350 cd/m² brightness rating. Besides the USB Type-C input, this display has an HDMI 1.4 jack, an HDMI 2.0 input, and a DisplayPort. The company says a single USB-C connection can provide a signal to the display and send up to 60 W of power to the connected device, effectively turning the monitor into a docking station.

HP says that all four monitors are available immediately, though we didn't see them at our favorite e-tailers. HP's Z27 rings in at $559, the Z32 at $899, and the uncalibrated Z43 is a little less expensive at $799. Finally, the S270n bears a $549 price tag.

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