Intel says its latest round of Skylake Spectre patches is ready to go

The latest chapter in the saga of Intel's response to the Meltdown and Spectre security updates has come about. Intel's most recent blog post announces that the company has released production-ready microcode updates for Skylake platforms to OEMs and system vendors, and that it expects to have patches ready for "more platforms" in the next few days.

Executive vice-president and general manager of Intel's Data Center Group Navin Shenoy says that the company is also still producing beta microcode updates so that its partners can assist in testing them before the updates go into production. Shenoy strongly emphasizes the importance of keeping systems updated to keep them secure, as well. He quotes the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team in saying that 85% of targeted cyber-attacks could have been avoided if the systems in question were up-to-date.

Shenoy reiterates that the cause of the Haswell and Broadwell reboots in recent updates has been found, and that the company is working on new patches for those systems. He also says that the newly-released updates for Skylake platforms will be available to most users through OEM firmware updates. If you're security-minded—and you probably should be, these days—keep an eye on the BIOS updates page for your motherboard, notebook, or prebuilt system in the coming weeks.

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