In the lab: AMD's Ryzen processors with Radeon Vega graphics

AMD's Ryzen processors with Radeon Vega graphics (henceforth Ryzen APUs) launch next week, but AMD is letting us spill the look and feel of these chips ahead of that launch.

These are the boxes you'll see Ryzen APUs in on store shelves. The silver band with the Vega logo across the top of the packaging is the tell.

The Ryzen APU package itself is no different from any other Socket AM4 CPU externally. The Ryzen 3 2200G looks identical to the Ryzen 5 2400G, so just imagine a different laser etch on the top of the heat spreader if it's the chip of your dreams.

Both the 2400G and 2200G come with AMD's compact Wraith Stealth cooler, in keeping with their 65 W TDPs. The Wraith Stealth is a PWM-controlled affair with an all-aluminum base.

To host its Ryzen APUs, AMD sent us an MSI B350 Pro AC motherboard. This fully-featured mobo should be representative of the kinds of tiny boards builders can get their hands on to make compact systems using the integrated graphics of the Ryzen APUs. Other reviewers got the already-on-store-shelves Gigabyte GA-AB350N-Gaming Wifi.

No Ryzen system is complete without fast, low-latency RAM, so AMD tapped G.Skill's Ryzen-ready Flare X 16 GB (2x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 kit with 14-14-14-34 timings to serve as the supporting cast for its APUs. Stay tuned as we run these parts through the wringer to bring you the whole story of Ryzen APU performance.

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