Windows 10 Build 17093 adds per-app multi-GPU settings and more

The latest Windows Build 17093 has gone out to those brave users on the Insider Fast Ring update track. The most recent build includes all kinds of new features for power users and regular Joes alike, so let's just dive right in. 

Game bar with dark theme

The Windows team touts another round of improvements to the Game Bar. The bar now includes toggles for the PC's camera and microphone, as well as a clock for checking the time during a long gaming session in a darkened room. Users can pick from a light or dark version, or let the bar take its color cues from the Windows theme.

Microsoft addressed privacy concerns with the Diagnostic Data Viewer in build 17083, and the company continues down that path in the latest build. Users can now navigate through the settings app to delete the diagnostic data associated with the current device. The feature doesn't currently work, but Redmond says it will before the Redstone 4 update is released to the general public.

Microsoft's developers have also worked on bringing HDR video support to a wider array of machines. Users watching HDR video on a laptop might want to approach the feature with caution because HDR playback uses the full brightness of the display. To help with that conundrum, build 17093 includes an option to force the display to keep its usual display brightness level when playing HDR video.

Continuing on the graphics front, the new build has new graphics settings for systems with multiple graphics cards. By default, Windows will select the appropriate graphics adapter to use for any particular application. The new panel will allow users to override the OS' choice of GPU for an app and directly specify whether to use the most efficient adapter or the one with the highest performance. The settings picked in the new "Advanced graphics settings" page will override any picks made in the AMD or Nvidia control panels, though the application or game in question makes the ultimate choice of GPU.

Forgetful users of Windows 10 S could benefit from a new security option that uses Microsoft's Authenticator smartphone app instead of a password. We aren't sure what to make of this particular new feature, given the rumors that Windows 10 S is heading to the scrapheap. Our best guess is that the password-less mode will be available when the rumored "S Mode" is activated.

Microsoft's Edge browser got a fullscreen display mode (accessible with the F11 key) in the Windows Creators Update, and the latest preview build adds the ability to access the address bar while remaining in this mode. The browser also gains the ability to print "certain types of webpages" in a clutter-free mode without ads and other unnecessary page elements.

The developers also worked on a streamlined Bluetooth device support, improved multi-language support, updated app permissions, and new eye-tracking features. The company has also renamed Windows Defender to Windows Security. As ever, some known bugs remain, including a pause of up to 90 minutes at the 88% mark during the installation process.

The new build contains tons of other small features and bug fixes. Those interested can click on over to the release notes for more information. The notes don't provide a rollout day for Redstone 4, but its Bug Bash initiative ends on February 11. We'd guess that we don't have to wait that much longer until the update is out.

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