Learn yerself on LCDs

Do not miss this article by Vincent Alzieu about LCD flat-panel displays. The introduction to this review of 15" LCDs will teach you more than you wanted to know about how LCDs work and about the various types of LCDs available. Alzieu explains what's so great about LCDs—display sharpness, perfect geometry, it's flat!—and what's not—slow response times, weak contrast, the inability to show a full spectrum of colors—without picking sides. Very good stuff.

Personally, I use an 18" ViewSonic LCD for 8 hours a day, and I can't barely look at a CRT monitor without thinking "eww, fuzzy." There's no beating the sharpness of a good LCD. However, I can't very well do image processing work for TR without being able to see all 256 shades of blue. So the CRT stays—for now.

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