Intel hails the arrival of the Core i3-8130U with Turbo Boost

A couple of weeks ago we reported on a rumor that Intel's Turbo Boost technology could make its first-ever appearance in a Core i3 CPU in the Cannon Lake family. As it turns out, we were half right. Turbo Boost is coming to Core i3s, but much sooner than we thought. Intel just announced the Core i3-8130U, the newest arrival in the Kaby Lake-R mobile chip family.

You can see Intel's chart above listing the most pertinent specifications of the new CPU. Like the rest of the chips in its series, the Core i3-8130U is a 15-W processor intended for thin-and-light mobile systems. Unlike its higher-end kin, it's only packing two CPU cores. It retains Hyper-Threading, though, and it will take both of its Kaby Lake cores to 3.4 GHz as long as power and thermal limits permit.

The graphics part in the new CPU is the same Intel UHD Graphics 620 that's inside other chips in the KBL-R family. The Core i3-8130U does run its Gen9.5 graphics at just 1 GHz on the top-end—a small drop from 1.1 GHz on its Core i5 relatives and 1.15 GHz on the Core i7 parts. As with the other eighth-generation chips, the new Core i3 takes DDR4 memory at 2400 MT/s or LPDDR3 at 2133 MT/s.

Intel didn't say when the chip would be available, but you won't be buying one of these in a box off Newegg anyway. Instead, the company says that we'll see new systems stuffed with the Core i3-8130U "soon."

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