1. Warp2Search has AMD N-Bench 2
  2. VIA launches integrated ProSavageDDR KM266 chipset (thank dakar)
  3. MediaXplosion has Hercules 3D Prophet 4800 info
  4. HardwareZone reviews Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty
  5. Viper's Lair has a contest

  1. Muropaketti overclocks P4 2.2GHz -> 3.675GHz
  2. VR-Zone starts a Pentium 4 'Northwood' OC database
  3. Hexus presents system guides
  4. SimHQ has Intel & AMD CPU roundup
  5. GotApex? reviews Athlon XP 2000+
  6. Amdmb asks: to overclock or not overclock
Motherboards and memory

  1. The Tech Zone reviews ECS K7VTA3 v2.0
  2. ReviewMakers has 3-way Intel i845D motherboards shootout
  3. X-bit labs has SiS645 motherboards roundup
  4. Tweakers Asylum reviews FIC VC15
  5. t-break reviews Soltek SL-85DRV3
  6. Hardware-TEST reviews Shuttle AK35GTR
  7. PCstats reviews Corsair XMS PC2400 memory
Multimedia and cases

  1. AnandTech on DVI & GF2/3 image quality (thanks lenzenm)
  2. Digit-Life reviews Abit Siluro GF3 Ti500
  3. Hardware Extreme reviews Asus V7700 GF2 Ti
  4. OnePC reviews Samsung SD-616 16x DVD-ROM drive
  5. TweakPC reviews T-Paq 1.0 LAN party rucksack
  6. Overclockers Australia reviews NewMotion Tech USB HDD enclosure
  7. GamePC reviews the Cooler Master ATC-110-SX1 case

  1. BlueSmoke reviews 2CoolPC Turbo & Plus
  2. Dan's Data updates coolers comparison
  3. Jsi Hardware reviews Arkua 6228 & 7528 heatsinks
  4. nV News reviews TweakMonster copper RAMsinks
  5. Overclockers Online reviews Dr. Thermal TI-V77 CPU cooler
  6. 2FastCPU reviews Swiftech MCXC370
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