Rumor: Intel Ice Lake chip emerges in Sandra with Gen11 graphics

Since it's totally unmoderated, the SiSoft Sandra benchmark results database is kind of a mess to navigate. Even still, TR tipster SH SOTN spotted a result in the database that identifies itself as an "Intel Ice Lake Client Platform." The result is for Sandra's OpenCL-based General-Purpose Processing benchmark, and it identifies the graphics part in our purported processor as "Gen 11 LP" with 48 execution units running at 600 MHz.

With just these scraps of information to go by, there aren't a lot of hard conclusions we can draw, but we can perform a little guesswork. 48 execution units would make it a GT3 part by Gen9 standards, otherwise known as Iris Plus Graphics in the current Intel GPU lexicon. However, the listing does call the integrated graphics processor "Intel UHD Graphics," which might point to a boost in the execution-unit count for Intel's entry-level IGPs. That would be a logical step in light of AMD's Raven Ridge notebook processors and their powerful Vega onboard graphics.

The 600-MHz clock speed is interesting too, because it's 300 MHz faster than the base clock of most existing Intel graphics parts. It's far lower than most of those parts' boost clocks, though. Other results from Intel GPUs on this benchmark list their circa-1 GHz boost clocks. It's possible that this is just early silicon on early drivers with incomplete reporting of performance information.

One other detail of note is that this listing marks the GPU down for having 768 KB of L2 cache—another 50% increase over Gen9. If our assumptions do pan out, it looks like Ice Lake could have a nice little bump in graphics performance compared to Intel's current offerings. We won't know until these 10-nm+ processors begin showing up in the market, and given Intel's still-nascent efforts to bring 10-nm silicon to market, we could be waiting for some time.

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