In the lab: Crucial's MX500 SSDs

Crucial's MX-series SSDs have long been major players in the enthusiast SATA market. The MX300 was the first 3D-NAND equipped SSD that Micron's retail arm released to the masses. Despite a downgrade from its predecessor's MLC to TLC, the drive still delivered enough performance to satisfy us.

IMFT's 3D NAND has continued to iterate and improve, as you doubtless know if you've been following our storage coverage. The joint venture's newer 64-layer TLC left us impressed when we saw it deployed in Intel's 760p gumstick. Micron has leveraged the same stuff to build its MX300 successor, the MX500. In addition to upgrading the 3D NAND inside the drive, Micron saw fit to leave Marvell behind and harness Silicon Motion's SM2258 to power its latest.

Capacity Max sequential (MB/s) Max random (IOps)
Read Write Read Write
250 GB 560 510 95K 90K
500 GB 560 510 95K 90K
1 TB 560 510 95K 90K
2 TB 560 510 95K 90K

While the MX300's speeds were more than adequate, we'd love to see the transition to 64-layer 3D NAND wring some more performance out of the newest MX drive. We've got 500GB and 1TB versions of the MX500 on hand in our storage labs, primed for the benchmark gauntlet. Stay tuned for our full review.

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