Fractal Design makes new sides for the Meshify C

Fractal Design's Meshify C ATX chassis looks pretty awesome with its polygon-esque front panel and tinted tempered glass side panel. The case maker is expanding the Meshify C range with new variants. Buyers now get additional choices: a version with a lighter tint on the tempered glass, or one with a second metal panel. If the original Meshify C's tempered glass panel didn't offer a good enough view of the high-end system carried within, the new lighter-tinted version should provide better opportunity to display your build. Those who want to completely obscure the rat's nest of cabling covering their hardware can pick up the version with two metal side panels.

Fractal Design Meshify C with two metal side panels

With the new additions to the lineup, the original Meshify C is rechristened as the Meshify C - Dark TG. The unadorned Meshify C moniker now applies to the version with opaque metal panels on both sides. Meshify C - TG is the fresh name for the version that offers a better look at the hardware inside the box through the clearer glass.

Fractal Design Meshify C - TG with light tempered glass side panel

In all three versions, fans can pull air in through the full-height mesh front fascia and exhaust it through the rear panel. Fractal Define C users will find the whole stup pretty familiar, as the main part of the chassis is still cribbed from that well-received model. Our previous coverage of the Meshify C offers more detailed information about fitment and dimensions, as there are no changes from the original model.

TechPowerUp says the new versions of the Meshify C are available now, though currently we only see the original version selling. The steel-sided Meshify C should step in soon at $80, $10 less than the $90 unchanged price tag of the Meshify C - Dark TG and Meshify C - TG. For the time being, tempered glass aficionados can pick up the dark tempered glass version at Newegg for an $80 sale price.

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