EVGA's CLC 120 CL11 keeps it simple and affordable

When the first wave of liquid AIO coolers hit the market, their ease of installation and high level of compatibility were major selling points. Over time the market expanded to include models with ever-longer radiators, fans sandwiched around the heat exchanger, and complicated mounting hardware intended to fit every CPU socket in the last fifteen years. EVGA's CLC 120 CL11 liquid AIO cooler goes back to those early days with its 120-mm radiator, simple wiring, and simplified, Intel-only mounting. The kit has an affordable price, though fancy stuff like RGB LED illumination, fill ports, and expansion options are left at the chopping block.

The CLC 120 CL11's copper waterblock-and-pump assembly fits Intel LGA 115x, 1366, 2011, 2011v3, and 2066 sockets. Unfortunately, AMD CPU owners are left in the hot, sweaty desert. We're hopeful that the somewhat streamlined compatibility list will translate into a simple mounting procedure. In any case, the wiring will be simple. The pump speed is controlled by water temperature and the fan is a constant-speed, 1800-RPM unit, so a couple of three-pin fan headers are the only connections needed. The CLC11 doesn't have any other controls or any bespoke monitoring features.

The radiator is a 120-mm aluminum unit with a plain-jane, single-speed fan attached. The radiator and fan have a combined thickness of 2.1" (5.3 cm), so the cooler should fit in most PC cases without issue. The full shroud on the fan should make it less likely to tickle cabling in a tightly packed mini-ITX build than some of EVGA's other CLCs.

EVGA's CLC 120 CL11 is on sale now in the company's store for an affordable $60. We didn't find listings at Amazon or Newegg just yet, but we're certain the cooler will show up in all the usual places soon. The manufacturer backs the back-to-basics cooler with a five-year warranty.

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