GeForce 391.01 drivers get ready for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

Although we're hurtling toward the end of February at breakneck speed, there's still time for one more GeForce driver release this month. The GeForce 391.01 drivers are WHQL-certified and "Game Ready" for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and World of Tanks 1.0. The new release also has further optimizations for mega-hit PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition includes heavy doses of Nvidia's GameWorks tech, including TurfEffects, HairWorks, and Flow. The company's HFTS and VXAO shadowing techniques are also along for the ride. There's even a first-person mode, because it's a PC game. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has you fighting Chaos forces working in tandem with the rat-like Skaven. The new title has expanded character customization over the first game, too. Nvidia's updated driver should be ready to go for both titles when they release in early March.

World of Tanks 1.0

The company also says that PUBG players can enjoy a small performance improvement in this update compared to previous driver releases. The gains are up to 7% in the best case, but closer to 5% in general. Along with that, the 391.01 driver release fully supports "World of Tanks 1.0," a full graphics engine retrofit to popular free-to-play wargame World of Tanks.

GeForce driver version 391.01 also fixes several issues from past releases. Flickering should be abolished in and Call of Duty WWII. Cold-booting on multi-monitor systems should no longer result in a black screen. Use of the "NvfbcPluginWindow" function should no longer keep Windows from shutting down. OpenGL programs should stop crashing on high-end GeForce cards. The "Content type" setting in Nvidia's color settings should no longer reset to "auto-selected." Finally, GeForce GTX 965M cards should be running at full speed again.

Lingering issues include a problem with G-Sync displays going blank while overclocking Nvidia Titan V cards' memory. Gears of War 4 may cause BSODs on Pascal GPUs, and Doom might crash when you enable HDR. GeForce Titan cards based on the old Kepler architecture may not work properly on Threadripper-based machines. Lastly, this driver may not work properly on systems using a pair of GeForce GTX 780 Ti cards in SLI.

If you want to check out the release info in full detail, you can look at the release notes. Otherwise, hit up Nvidia's download site to grab the driver, or simply tell GeForce Experience to go ahead and install it. Here's a direct link to the Windows 10 64-bit release for your convenience.

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