Deepcool MF120 Gamer Storm fans bare their blades

Removing the shroud from case fans seems to be emerging as a trend, starting with the fans strapped to EVGA's CLC 120 and CLC 280 and continuing now with Deepcool's MF120 Gamer Storm fan package. The set comes with three "frameless" aluminum 120-mm fans and a Wi-Fi-enabled controller box that gives users the ability to change fan speeds and RGB LED illumination by way of a mobile app.

The fans' skeleton is made from die-cast aluminum set off with RGB LEDs capable of lighting up in any of 16.7 million colors. The diodes can also display five different lighting effects including two promising ones called "comet" and "fashion collision." The fan supports are isolated from the host PC chassis by rubber dampers integrated into all four corners. Each fan is 1" (2.6 cm) thick and can spin at speeds between 500 and 2200 RPM. Deepcool says the frameless design offers improved airflow, presumably compared to conventional designs.

The angular control box has a SATA power input along with an optional PWM input header for fan-speed control. There has five-pin outputs for each of the three included fans. The controller has 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi capability for communication with the bundled smartphone app for Android and iOS. The controller doesn't talk to the host PC through USB or any other data connection, so all monitoring and custom fan control takes place over Wi-Fi. Deepcool didn't say as much, but we wouldn't be surprised if the control box had one of Espressif's ESP8266 or ESP32 microcontrollers inside. The controller has mounting holes to fasten it it a 2.5" drive bay. If such a home is unavailable, the box also comes with some hook-and-loop fastening tape.

Tom's Hardware says the Deepcool MF120 Gamer Storm kit with a controller and three fans will start shipping in April for $110. Guru of 3D has already posted a brief review with impressions of the hardware and the smartphone app. The Guru noted that the app was rather aggressive in asking for user permissions, but might also be a early version since the kit won't ship for another few weeks.

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