Rumor: Mobile Coffee Lake chip benches pop up in Geekbench database

We've been salivating for Intel's Coffee Lake silicon to appear in laptops ever since we tested the desktop Core i7-8700K in early October. Benchmarks for laptops using a purported six-core, 12-thread Core i7-8750H chip are now starting to trickle into Geekbench's online database, and the results are what one would expect for a clock-speed bump and a 50% increase in core and thread counts.

Let's talk about Intel's existing products for a moment. Geekbench's Processor Benchmark chart lists the Kaby Core Lake Core i7-7700HQ at 4109 points in its single-thread test and 12,898 in the multi-threaded benchmark. The newer, lower-power Core i7-8550U earns 4211 Geek points with all threads but one tied behind its back and 12,977 when allowed to flex all of its muscles.

A pair of Quanta systems based on the rumored Core i7-8750H check in with single-thread scores of 4700 and 5008. The same systems earn marks of 17,504 and 20,715 in the multi-threaded version of the test. An HP system with the same CPU clocked in with a 4980 in the single-thread test and 19,402 in the multi-threaded benchmark. Geekbench results tend to vary run-to-run and system-to-system, so we aren't surprised by the gap between the lowest and highest scores. All three systems beat the Core i7-7700HQ and Core i7-8550U by around 20% in the single-thread tests and close to 50% in the multi-threaded tests.

The purported Intel Core i7-8750H in the benchmarked systems reported a base clock of 2.2 GHz and a boost clock of 4.09 GHz. The chip reports 9 MB of L3 cache, the same as the Core i5-8600K and its ilk, though it's still a 25% haircut when compared to the Core i7-8700K.

We'd like to thank Twitter user momomo_us for bringing these benchmark results to our attention. We think laptops with Coffee Lake six-core CPUs will start shipping around the end of the quarter.

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