Intel re-issues Haswell and Broadwell Spectre fixes

Remember those Intel Spectre-busting patches that caused spontaneous reboots in Haswell and Broadwell systems? They should be fixed now, at least judging by the Microcode Update Guidance that Intel updated the past Monday. According to the document, OEMs now have updated Broadwell and Haswell microcode patches available to them. Additionally, Intel's prepping updates for a good number of older CPU architectures.

For now, here's the list of Intel processors that got recently-updated Spectre patches.

Architecture CPU models
Broadwell U/Y Core i7-5650U, i7-5600U, i7-5557U, i7-5550U, i7-5500U, i7-5650U
Core i5 i5-5350U, i5-5350, i5-5300U, i5-5287U, i5-5257U, i5-5250U, i5-5200U, i5-5350U
Core i3-5157U, i3-5020U, i3-5015U, i3-5010U, i3-5006U, i3-5005U, i3-5010U
Pentium 3805U, 3825U, 3765U, 3755U, 3215U, 3205U
Celeron 3765U
Broadwell Xeon E3 Xeon v4 E3-1258L, E3-1265L, E3-1278L, E3-1285, E3-1285
Broadwell H43 e Core i7-5950HQ, i7-5850HQ, i7-5750HQ, i7-5700HQ, i7-5775C, i7-5775R, i7-5700EQ, i7-5850EQ
Core i5-5575R, i5-5675C, i5-5675R
Pentium D1507, D1508, D1509, D1517, D1519
Broadwell DE V1, V2, V3, Y0 Xeon D-1500 family
Broadwell DE A1 Xeon D-1500 NS family
Haswell Xeon E3 Xeon E3-1200 v3 family
Haswell (inc. H, S) Fourth-gen Core Mobile, Pentium Mobile, Celeron Mobile families
Haswell Server E, EP, EP45 Xeon E5 v3 family
Haswell Server EX Xeon E7 v3 family
Haswell ULT Fourth-gen Core Mobile, Pentium Mobile, Celeron Mobile families
Haswell Perf Halo Core Extreme 5960X, 5930K, 5820K

Additionally, Intel is beta-testing microcode updates for the Xeon E7v4 family (Broadwell Server EX), and advises systems administrators to not deploy microcode revisions 0xB000023 and 0xB000025.

That's not the only news today, though. Owners of older Intel-based systems will be happy to know that the company is planning or testing Spectre fixes for at least some CPUs in the following families: Arrandale, Bloomfield (and Xeon), Clarkdale (and Xeon), Clarksfield, Gulftown, Harpertown, Ivy Bridge Server EX, Jasper Forest, Lynnfield (and Xeon), Nehalem, Penryn, Westmere, Wolfdale, and Yorkfield.

For those knowlegeable about Intel CPU families, the Wolfdale family was a process shrink of Conroe CPUs and hails all the way back from 2007. The list of architectures above can therefore be roughly described as "processors from as far as back as 2007." To know that Intel is preparing fixes for its older CPUs should ease the minds of many a user and systems administrator everywhere around the world—assuming OEMs play nice and issue firmware updates. Having said that, while we recently found that modern machines don't take that big a performance hit from the microcode updates, there's a possibility that patching older systems could result in significantly-reduced performance. We'll be following this story closely.

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