1. XFree86 4.2.0 released (thanks Forge)
  2. Help fix the refresh rate limitations in Windows XP
  3. Athlon XP 2500+ to have 0.13-micron core (thanks billb)
  4. The Inquirer on VIA's chipset plans (thanks billb)
  5. BurnOutpc reviews Clutterbuster
Motherboards & storage

  1. Hardware-TEST reviews Athlon XP 2000+
  2. Amdmb reviews MSI K7N420 Pro
  3. Pure Oc reviews Asus A7N266
  4. MBReview on Asus A7V266-E
  5. bluescreenofdeth reviews 40GB IBM Deskstar 60GXP hard drive
  6. Digit-Life's 24x IDE CD-RW drives roundup
  7. X-bit labs reviews Hyundai Cutie external HDD
Mods, cases, and cooling

  1. PC-max shows how to light up your temperature LCD displays
  2. BiT-Tech's Macro Black part II: case painting
  3. Mikhailtech reviews Zeus modded case
  4. BurnOutpc reviews HighSpeed PC mini-baybus
  5. TweakTown reviews Evercool CUD-725CA heatsink
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