Jon Peddie Research quantifies state of the PC graphics market

Jon Peddie Research has released its latest graphics Market Watch report, and the firms' conclusions match with what frustrated graphics card shoppers have seen over the last few months. The new report covers graphics card shipments in the fourth quarter of 2017, and as the company has typically found in final three months of any given year, shipments are down compared to the holiday shopping-fueled third quarter.

Overall graphics shipments dropped 1.5% compared to the previous quarter, with a 4.8% drop in total discrete graphics shipments compared to Q4 2016. Fans of the red team will doubtless delight in knowledge that AMD's graphics market share and overall shipments jumped by just over 8%, with a market share increase from 13% of all shipments in the third quarter to 14.1% in the fourth. Anandtech says that AMD's share of the discrete video card market jumped from 27.2% in Q3 2016 and 29.5% in Q3 2017 to 33.7% in the final three months of 2017. Nvidia captured the other 66.3% of discrete card sales in the same frame.

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Dips in shipments are normal in the fourth quarter, according to JPR's historical data. Peddie says that the number of graphics units shipped dropped by an average of 3.4% in the fourth quarter of the last ten years when compared to the typical third-quarter surge in demand. By this measure, 2017's finale was a strong one for graphics chip makers and their board manufacturing partners.

Year-to-year desktop graphics board shipments reportedly slipped by 2% in the quarter, with a stiffer 7% slide in notebooks graphics cards. Discrete cards sales jumped by almost 10% compared to Q4 2016. The site also says that demand for midrange and high-end cards has increased, while the entry-level portion of the discrete graphics market has stagnated.

Jon Peddie Research reports that over three million graphics cards worth $776 million were sold to cryptocurrency miners during Q4 2017. We're not sure how the researchers managed to separate mining purchasers from gamers, but we're not at all surprised by Peddie's conclusion that AMD was the main beneficiary of mining demand. Overall, JPR says 363 million "graphics units" shipped in 2017, a figure that almost certainly includes IGPs.

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