Enermax LiqFusion AIO cooler puts fancy lighting front and center

Have you ever thought "I'd really like a closed-loop liquid cooler, but none of the available options have enough RGB LEDs for me?" I know I sure have. If you're in that boat, Enermax is here to rescue you from bland all-in-one coolers with its latest model, called LiqFusion. This is a closed-loop cooler with a 240-mm radiator that's blinged out all over. Three LED diffusers surround each of the 120-mm fans, and the waterblock has an RGB LED flow rate indicator.

The LiqFusion has what Enermax calls a high-efficiency pump with ceramic bearings and comes with a plethora of parts for hooking it up to basically any modern CPU socket short of AMD's massive TR4. Enermax claims the entire caboodle is capable of dissipating up to 300 W of heat off a CPU. Make no mistake, though—the LiqFusion's raison d'être is the lighting. The addressable lights on both fan and block can be synchronized with motherboard RGB LED controllers from every major brand. If that's not an option, Enermax includes an RGB control box with 14 preset effects and splitter cables to match. Enermax says the LiqFusion should be available globally by the end of the month.

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