AMD Project ReSX improves Radeons' e-sports prowess

We wrote yesterday about AMD's Radeon Software 18.3.1, a release that includes performance improvements in popular multiplayer title Dota 2. That optimization is part of the red graphics team's just-announced Project ReSX (Radeon eSports Experience) effort to boost e-sports titles on the company's Radeon graphics chips. The company says the team has been working behind the scenes on these improvements for the last few months.

AMD's Project ReSX announcement says the company sent engineers to the development houses of popular e-sports titles, in addition to working on optimizations at the home base. The results of these efforts include a claimed 11% frame rate jump in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, a 6% boost in Dota 2, and a modest 3% increase in Overwatch when compared to the the company's December driver release. The announcement goes on to explain that these figures were obtained on a test rig built around a Radeon RX 580 graphics card.

As long-time TR readers know, frame rates alone don't tell the entire performance story. The Radeon driver team is also touting 9% improvements in 99th percentile frame times in PUBG, 7% in Dota 2, and 2% in Overwatch. Furthermore, the team says it has dropped click-to-response times in Dota 2 by 8% and in Overwatch by 4%, an improvement that could translate into more victories, or at least more fun.

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