NZXT releases its 120-mm M22 and 360-mm X72 Krakens

NZXT's Kraken line of liquid AIO coolers has gained its share of customers over the years, but the series curiously hasn't included a model with a 120-mm radiator configuration. The company is covering that gap in its catalog with the 120-mm Kraken M22 and adding an XXXL option in the form of the 360-mm Kraken X72. Both coolers have RGB LED illumination on the pump housing and offer full fan, pump, and lighting control through the manufacturer's CAM software. Both coolers' radiators are topped off with NZXT's static-pressure-optimized Aer P fans.

The manufacturer doesn't list the materials for each part of the AIO cooler independently, but it does note that both models include aluminum, copper, plastic, rubber, and nylon sleeving. The mainstream AIO liquid cooler template calls for a copper cold plate and an aluminum radiator, and we imagine that both of these coolers follow that rulebook.

The pump block incorporates RGB LEDs with ten preset effects plus audio and "smart" reactive modes. The Kraken X72's radiator measures 15.3" long, 4.7" wide, and 1.1" thick (39 cm x 12 cm x 2.7 cm), not including the three 120-mm fans. The Kraken M22's heat exchanger is shorter and thicker, measuring 6" long, 4.7" wide, and 1.2" thick (15 cm x 12 cm x 3.2 cm). Although the pump blocks look identical in the pictures, the X72 has a larger unit with a 3.2" (8 cm) diameter, while the M22's measures 2.6" (6.5 cm) around. The Aer P fans spin at 500-2000 RPM depending on input from NZXT's CAM software. 

Both coolers have wide-ranging socket support, including the ability to sit astride Intel's LGA 20xx and AMD's TR4 high-end sockets. More mainstream options like AMD's AMx and FMx sockets and Intel's LGA 115x are also supported.

NZXT's Kraken X72 starts shipping March 12 for $200 and the Kraken M22 will hit e-tailer shelves later on March 26 for $100. NZXT backs the 120-mm M22 with a three-year warranty, while the 360-mm X72's warranty has a six-year term.

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