Philips 492P8 49" double-wide display gets a spec bump

We wrote a few words about Philips' 492P8 double-wide 49" display when it was unveiled it at IFA in Berlin back in September. The company has given the screen an interesting spec bump and issued a US release date. The display shown at IFA had a resolution of 3840x1080, but Philips is now saying that the 492P8 will have a more ambitious VA panel with 5120 columns and 1440 rows of pixels.

The rest of the 492P8's specs appear to be unchanged since the previous report. The display has an 1800R curvature, a 5000:1 contrast ratio rating, maximum brightness of 600 cd/m², and 178° viewing angles. The manufacturer says the display will have HDMI, DisplayPort (DP), VGA, USB-C, Ethernet, and USB 3.0 connectivity, but stopped short of providing DP and HDMI version numbers. Philips didn't say whether the monitor accepts input over the USB-C port, but the presence of an Ethernet connector suggests that it does.

The company didn't mention refresh rates or support for variable-refresh-rate tech, so the 492P8 probably won't be an ideal display for fast-paced gaming. Flight-sim players might find a lot to like in the expansive 49" 32:9 screen, though. The 5120x1440 display effectively acts as two 2560x1440 monitors next to each other.

Philips says the 492P8 49" double-wide display will hit US shelves in Q4 2018. Back at IFA, the company was predicting a €899 (about $923) sticker price and a European release set for Q2 2018. The company didn't provide any new pricing information, so we're not sure if that price will stay given the display's spec bump.

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