Radeon Software 18.3.2 tunes up Final Fantasy XV

A new Radeon software package just rode in, little more than a week after the last one. This release arrived astride a chocobo—one of the ever-adorable avian mounts from the Final Fantasy series. In a similar vein to the previous release, Radeon Software version 18.3.2 focuses almost entirely on Final Fantasy XV.

Radeon users exploring FFXV's science-fantasy world of Eos will be pleased to know that the latest driver offers an incremental performance improvement over the previous release. Specifically, the game should run around 4% faster on a Radeon RX Vega 64 card, and up to 7% faster on Radeon RX 580 cards. These drivers should also fix an issue with certain particle effects in FFXV (geomapping, in particular) that AMD says caused "minor stutter."

AMD has marked this release as optional. Besides the changes for FFXV, Radeon Software 18.3.2 appears to be functionally equivalent to the previous release. The list of known issues is the same as before, so make sure you restart Destiny 2 every so often. Don't try to use 12 or more GPUs on compute workloads for extended periods, either. If you're a Final Fantasy fan, grab the new driver from AMD's download site.

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    • wingless
    • 2 years ago

    I’m limited to 11 GPUs on compute workloads?! Nobody can mine a digital fortune with such limitations.


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