Adata XPG SX950 SSDs are ready to game

When it comes to SSDs, the "gaming" adjective can mean a couple of different things. Intel would have enthusiasts buy its spanking-new, 3D XPoint-based Optane SSD 800P drives. Another point of view is that a gaming SSD is a low-cost, large-capacity device holding a game library and sitting beside a turbo-speed NVMe boot disk. Adata's latest XPG SX950U drives seem to adhere to this second notion. The drives combine a Silicon Motion controller, DRAM and SLC caching, and 3D NAND chips to deliver speeds that come close to saturating the SATA interface.

The XPG SX950U drives don't offer the type of ludicrous throughput delivered by modern NVMe drives, but the presence of SATA ports mean they should be easy to add to just about any desktop system. The drives come in 120 GB, 240 GB, 480 GB, and 960 GB capacities. Sequential throughput can go up to 560 MB/s when reading and up to 520 MB/s when writing. All four models can hit that read speed, but the 120 GB version peaks out at 300 MB/s when writing, likely due to a smaller number of parallel flash chips.

Adata backs its XPG SX950U SATA SSDs with a five-year warranty. The 240 GB model is available now from Amazon for $140, but we'd probably skip past that in favor of the 480 GB version currently on sale for $180.

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