Jellies vs. Whales brings big sea battles in Q4

Here at TR, we mostly leave coverage of game announcements to gaming-centric publications. Today, however, we're making an exception for some reason. Greefish Productions has announced a new game called Jellies vs. Whales, a title that's porpoisedly raising the bar on in-game purchases. I wasn't aware that was something the world needed, but I'll let the trailer speak for itself.

Is this what you'd call subversive? I'll sea myself out...

Uh... as Calculon would say, I'm not familiar with the type of thing I'm seeing. For the YouTube-averse, the game apparently strives to pit its free-to-play "jelly" players in 100-to-1 grudge matches against its "whales"—players that have sunk money into an unapologetically pay-to-win marketplace. The contrived-sounding "shamelessly transparent" game's claims of "nothing is just cosmetic" and "no loot box nonsense" ought to make for some interesting discussions, at the very least.

If teaming up to battle overwhelming odds or ponying up to mercilessly crush all who oppose you sounds appealing, read more on the dev's blog. Jellies vs. Whales will be released in Q4 of a curiously-unspecified year.

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