Logitech's G560 speakers and G513 keyboard offer mood lighting

There's a huge gulf in immersion between playing a game on a monitor and playing it in VR. There aren't many ways to step out into that gap, but one of them is through reactive mood lighting. Technologies like Philips' Ambilight improve immersion by smoothing over the harsh disconnect between what you're looking at and what's in your peripheral vision. Logitech is the latest company to offer a product in this vein with its Lightsync technology found on the new G560 speakers and G513 mechanical keyboard.

Yes, these are speakers and a keyboard with RGB LED lighting. The lights aren't just for accent, though. Logitech says the light show on both devices will synchronize to both visual and audio cues in games and videos. The keyboard has lights under the keys as usual, but the G560 speakers will actually project their light onto a surface behind your workstation. Logitech says you can assign the speakers' four lighting zones to any area in your monitor so that the colors are in sync, or simply have the lights react to music being played. The company also suggests that the mood lighting could react to in-game events like taking damage or approaching enemies.

Aside from the lighting, the Logitech G560s are a 2.1 set of speakers that Logitech rates for up to 120 W RMS of total power—more than enough to rock your socks off from close range. They support Dolby DTS:X Ultra for in-game positional audio, and will take inputs from USB, Bluetooth, and regular old 3.5-mm connections. The speakers also support Logitech's Easy-Switch feature to connect them to up to four sources simultaneously so that you aren't constantly re-pairing them with new devices.

Meanwhile, the G513 keyboard is a mechanical gaming keyboard with a space-saving design and Logitech's Romer-G mechanical switches. It's coming in two versions: one with linear switches (think Cherry MX Red) and one with tactile switches (like MX Browns). Romer-G switches are intended for gamers, and as a result they have an unusually-short 1.5-mm throw, not unlike Cherry'x MX Speed series of mechanical switches. The G513 has an all-aluminum case, comes with a memory foam palm rest, and hooks up through USB.

Logitech says the new Lightsync hardware will be available in April of this year. The G560 2.1 PC gaming speakers will run you $200, while the G513 keyboard will come in at $150.

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