Report: 3.5% of world's March NAND supply lost to outage at Samsung fab

I just had a hard drive fail on me, and I'm not looking forward to buying more spinning rust for my desktop. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't look like flash memory prices will be falling any time soon. TechNews of Taiwan reports that Samsung's massive NAND flash memory plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, surprisingly suffered a roughly 30-minute power outage on March 9. Due to the outage, Samsung reportedly lost between 50,000 and 60,000 wafers, or around 11% of its flash production for March.

TechNews goes on to say that number amounts to around 3.5% of the world-wide flash memory production for this month. The site remarks that foreign investors don't expect the accident to have a major impact on Samsung's profitability or future operations, owing to the fact that Samsung apparently has "sufficient inventory" of flash memory. The idea that a flash factory suffered a 30-minute power outage and that the effect was the loss of its pending production is a little surprising. Nevertheless, we've only recently seen SSD prices drop and this event could change that.

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