The Ataribox name is dead—long live the Atari VCS

Remember the Ataribox retro console? Well, it's not called that anymore. Yesterday, Atari revealed that its upcoming game system will be called the Atari VCS—just like the original Atari VCS 2600 whose design it mimics. The company also revealed the two types of controllers for the machine: a modern gamepad with dual analog sticks, and a joystick with a single button, just like the one included with the original VCS.

Atari's latest announcement didn't include much new information about the system. Presumably it is still based on an AMD processor of some description and will run some form of Atari-flavored Linux. The company says that the VCS is "so much more than a retro-box" and that it will offer modern PC games and streaming video content alongside the classic games you'd expect from an Atari system.

The VCS is hardly the first PC-like console to hit the market—Nvidia's Shield Android TV is probably the most successful system of that type. Nevertheless, Atari insists that the machine will "change the way you interact with your TV." While that seems a bit ambitious, it does seem like Atari's new console could be an interesting platform, akin to what Valve wanted to achieve with its Steambox idea. Unfortunately, there's still no release date or final price for the VCS, but Atari says it intends to reveal the opening date for preorders next month.

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