Seagate floats 14 TB of storage in the helium-filled Exos X14

At this year's OCP Summit, Seagate teased a new drive for its storage-hungry enterprise clients. This hard drive adds a new tier of storage to its helium-filled Exos X line. Seagate says the 14-TB Exos X14 offers higher capacity than its siblings in the same form factor, while maintaining the same efficiency and performance.

Seagate's Exos X line of drives already includes 10-TB and 12-TB options, but the new 14-TB drive enables considerably more storage space per rack than the current models. The company isn't sharing hard numbers about the drive yet, but claims that the Exos X14 will boast the lowest power consumption of any comparable drive on the market while mantaining "leading" sustained transfer rates and random I/O responsiveness.

Seagate seems to have its eye on clients with strict security requirements. The Exos X14 offers hardware encryption and should meet the requirements for the U.S. government's FIPS 140-2 standard and the international ISO/EIC 15408 spec.

Currently, Seagate is sampling the drive to select customers including Chinese search provider Baidu. The company says that the Exos X14 should be broadly available starting this summer. Seagate hasn't listed a price yet for the capacious drive, but it's unlikely that its primary customers will be buying one at a time.

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