Mushkin Source SSDs bring solid-state performance at friendly prices

Yesterday's storage news was all related to datacenter gear for those overseeing acres of tightly-packed server hardware. Today's data conservation talk concerns a new line of SATA SSDs from Mushkin. The company's Source-series SATA drives will be offered in both old-school 2.5" and latest-craze M.2-2280 form factors, with capacities ranging from 120 GB to 1 TB.

Inside each Source SSD sits a Silicon Motion SM2258XT controller lording over an array of 3D TLC NAND flash chips. The SM2258XT controller's claim to fame is cost-saving DRAM-less operation. As a result, the only caching on the Source drives comes through its SLC cache.

The smallest drive in the family claims maximum sequential speeds of 510 MB/s when reading and 440 MB/s when writing. Mushkin says the same drive delivers maximums of 29K read IOPS and 79K write IOPS. The 500 GB model, the largest that's currently available, boosts those sequential numbers to 560 MB/s for reads and 520 MB/s for writes. The maximum read random stat jumps to 75K read IOPS and the write figure increases modestly to 81K IOPS. The company didn't provide any write endurance figures, but says the drive should be good for a mean time of 1.5 million hours between failures. 

Mushkin's Source SSDs from 120 GB to 500 GB are available in the classic 2.5" form factor now from retailers like Amazon and Newegg. Prices are extremely competitive—the 120-GB 2.5" model rings in under $40, and the 500-GB version tallies about $110. The company says the M.2 versions will come out in April. There's no word on availability for the 1-TB model, but we figure it'll be around soon. The Source SSDs are covered by a three-year warranty.

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