PowerColor summons the Red Dragon RX Vega 56

AMD's Radeon RX Vega graphics cards continue to trade hands for inflated figures, but PowerColor is doing its part to bring down the price for a custom-cooler-equipped Vega board with the Red Dragon RX Vega 56. The new card slots in below the company's existing Red Devil RX Vega 56. As one would expect, the clocks of the middle-child Red Dragon are a bit slower than those of the range-topping Red Devil. Thankfully, the Red Dragon's power requirements are a bit relaxed when compared to its devilish sibling, as well.

The Red Dragon's 3584 Vega stream processors boost up to 1478 MHz, the slightest of upticks from the reference Vega 56 boost clock of 1471 MHz, and about a 50 MHz downgrade from the Red Devil's scorching 1526 MHz. Like the reference Vega 56 card and the existing Red Devil, the new Red Dragon clocks its 8 GB of on-package HBM2 at 800 MHz, a rate good for 410 GB/s of bandwidth.

The Dragon breathes out its fire using three fans. The card draws the needed electrons through one six-pin and one eight-pin PCIe power connector, and the power supply requirement drops from the Red Devil's 750 W to just 450 W. The product of the GPU's work is piped out through a pair of HDMI jacks and two DisplayPorts.

PowerColor didn't provide dimensions for the card, but the cooler is definitely wide and looks like it'll take up more than two expansion slots. All of the display connectors appear to lie against the PCB, so the Red Devil could be a good choice for those looking to shuck the cooler, apply a custom water block, and cram the card into a single slot.

PowerColor says the Red Dragon RX Vega 56 will hit store shelves worldwide on March 28, but didn't provide any pricing information. If the market for buying a fast video card is the same then as it is now, the cards won't sit on those shelves long at whatever suggested retail price.

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