Corsair Hydro H60 gets a new look and improved performance

I reckon more than a few gerbils are familiar with Corsair's H60 closed-loop liquid cooler. It's Corsair's top-selling model, after all. Small radiators like these can go in places big tower coolers can't, and they also offer the cooling performance of a tower cooler without the potential to hit RAM sticks or cover other critical plugs or expansion slots. Corsair has just revised the H60 to match the styling of its Hydro Pro series coolers, but those aren't the only changes in the new version.

Corsair says that the new H60's completely-revised copper coldplate is the most efficient it has ever created. The company also says that the new H60's radiator has more densely-packed fins than the older model. That means the new H60 could remove more heat from its closed coolant loop than the old version, assuming you give it sufficient air pressure. The cooler comes with one of Corsair's own high-pressure SP120 fans, so that shouldn't be an issue. SP120s support PWM speed control across a 600-RPM-to-1700-RPM range, so noise at idle shouldn't be a problem either.

As an entry-level cooler, the new H60 doesn't have RGB LED lighting. Fortunately, the white-LED-lit accent lighting on the waterblock shouldn't clash too much with other colors. The revised H60 supports every desktop socket around these days save for AMD's TR4, and Corsair warranties it for 5 years. If you're in need of a solid 120-mm CLC, Newegg has the brand-new H60 for $70.

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