Antec P6 case offers clean looks and tempered glass at a low price

It wasn't all that long ago that a tempered-glass side panel was a premium feature on a case. Whether you love the looks or bash the fashion, you can find cases with glass panels at remarkably-low prices now. One such affordable chassis is Antec's P6. This sleek black enclosure lets you show off your build thanks to its single glass side panel, and it won't empty your wallet in the process.

The P6 is a microATX case that measures 18.5" deep, 16" tall, and 7.9" wide (47 x 41 x 20 cm). Like the majority of modern computer enclosures, it has a partition on the bottom that separates the power supply and two 3.5" drive mounts from the hotter components in the top compartment. Two 2.5" drives can mount behind the motherboard, and another two behind the area where you'd normally find 5.25" drive bays. There actually is a spot for a 5.25" drive, but you won't be able to access it without pulling off the bezel.

Speaking of the front panel, its fancy V-shape design isn't just for looks. Its sides are perforated to allow air to flow past. Said air will likely be sucked in by the two 120- or 140-mm fans that builders will mount in the front, and likely exhausted through two 140-mm or three 120-mm fans in the top, along with the usual 120-mm in the rear. There's not enough space for liquid-cooling radiators in the top, but you can stick a 240-mm unit up front and a 120-mm heat exchanger in the back. All of the fan intakes are covered by magnetic filters that can be removed for easy cleaning or maximum airflow.

In a design choice sure to polarize gerbils, Antec stuck all of the front panel ports on the side of the case's bezel. The selection of ports is pretty basic, as you'd expect from an entry-level case: two USB 3.0 Type-A ports and the regular old 3.5-mm audio jacks. Down on the front of the case there's what Antec calls a "logo projector" that will shine the company's logo on your desk in front of the case.

Antec's new P6 is already available over on Amazon. You can grab the new case for a little over $65 with free shipping. 

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