Cooler Master's MasterBox TD500L shines with an inner fire

Tempered glass looks pretty, but the material doesn't lend itself to complex three-dimensional shapes. Cooler Master has therefore chosen acrylic for the dramatically-styled "diamond cut design" front and side panels of its MasterBox TD500L ATX chassis. The entire side panel is made from the transparent plastic and attaches using four thumbscrews, like many cases with tempered glass side panels.

The MasterBox TD500L is designed to fit ATX motherboards up to 10.7" (27 cm) wide, though microATX and Mini-ITX boards will also fit. The maximum graphics card length is listed at a generous 16.1" (41 cm). Cooler Master says a 7.5"-long (19 cm) ATX power supply can fit within the partial-length shroud. Pack rats can cram in a pair of 3.5" drives and two 2.5" devices. Each of the 3.5" bays can hold a pair of 2.5" drives instead.

Luddites like me that get apprehensive about conductive liquids in close proximity to expensive electronics can fit air coolers as tall as 6.5 (16.6 cm). Additionally, they can mount a pair of 140-mm fans to both the front and top panels, and a 120-mm rotating air mover to the back of the case. Builders that have embraced liquid cooling can pack a 280- or 360-mm radiator behind the front panel, a 240-mm unit to the top, and another 120-mm heat exchanger to the back panel.

Cooler Master didn't provide any pricing or availability information for the MasterBox TD500L. The manufacturer backs the chassis with a two-year warranty.

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