Nvidia Quadro GV100 stands ready to power a ray-traced future

As part of his GTC 2018 keynote, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed the company's latest professional graphics card: the Quadro GV100. This professional-visualization product offers 32 GB of HBM2 memory, up from 16 GB on past Volta V100 implementations, alongside the same 5,120 shader processors (80 of 84 Volta shader multiprocessors on the V100 GPU) that have appeared on past Volta products. Nvidia believes this card will be the optimal foundation for exploring its RTX real-time ray-tracing platform.

Nvidia claims the GV100 will deliver 14.8 TFLOPS of single-precision compute power and 7.4 TFLOPS of double-precision number-crunching power, along with 118.5 TFLOPS of tensor processing. Although the company didn't say as much, those figures suggest a 1448 MHz boost clock, down from Tesla V100's 1530 MHz.

Two Quadro GV100 cards can be joined across the coherent NVLink 2 interconnect to create a beastly number-cruncher with 10,240 shader processors, 64 GB of HBM2 memory, and 236 TFLOPS of tensor-core power. The Quadro GV100 will allow developers to access Nvidia's RTX technology through Microsoft's DirectX Raytracing API, the Nvidia Optix API, or through Vulkan in an upcoming version of that API.

The Quadro GV100 is available direct from Nvidia today at a price of $8,999.

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