Philips 27" 272B8QJEB monitor is a 10-bit workhorse

Philips has a new monitor headed to stores that might be of interest to gerbils employed in the fields of photo editing or graphic design. The beautifully-named 272B8QJEB is a 27" monitor with a 2560x1440-resolution IPS panel with 10 bits per color channel and a 12-bit LUT.

Despite the high color precision, this display's color gamut is fairly typical for business monitors. Philips says the 272B8QJEB can represent 72% of the NTSC colorspace, which translates roughly to around 100% of sRGB. The display supports VESA adaptive sync—better known as FreeSync—but the frequency range is only 40-60Hz.

Otherwise, the 272B8QJEB is a fairly typical business monitor. Philips specs it for a 5-ms response time, 250 cd/m² maximum brightness, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. It does have a PWM-free backlight and a low-blue-light mode. Unsurprisingly, given its IPS panel, the display has essentially "perfect" viewing angeles at 178º both horizontally and vertically.

Workers can hook up to the 272B8QJEB with HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, dual-link DVI (with HDCP support), or regular old analog VGA connectors. There's a 3.5mm audio-in jack if you want to use the built-in 2-W stereo speakers, and a 3.5-mm headphone jack in case you'd rather not. The built-in USB hub has two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 jacks, one of which has fast-charging support. The included stand supports tilt, swivel, and pivot adjustments along with variable height.

The 272B8QJEB just appeared on Philips' European websites, and hasn't even shown up in e-tail shops over there yet. There's yet no word of when it might be available over here in the 'States, or for how much.

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