Well, I'm fresh outta news and/or energy tonight. Sorry about that. It seems we're becoming more and more of an article-driven site and less and less of a news/weblog site. (I'm talking here about unique, in-house content, not the excellent Shortbread or our tasty new forums.) We've had a lot of success in recent months as we've published more articles at the expense of less daily news and chatty stuff, but I sometimes miss the old days when the web was young and all our writing consisted of fragmented, front-page news posts peppered with self-indulgences. What about you?

Speaking of which, I will indulge my urge to mention the fact that our amazing hardware sponsors, KickAss Gear came through big-time today with ATA/133 drives for our testing efforts. If you need to buy a hard drive or some RAM for yourself, go see Dr. John and the gang at KickAss Gear. The service they provide is unparalleled, and they help keep TR's articles flowing.

Beyond ATA/133 action, what's up in Damage Labs? Right now, this is.

Also, have you seen this story about Comcast going after users running network address translation (NAT) behind their cable modems? That's completely insane. You'd think any sane ISP would encourage users to run NAT—both from an IP conservation standpoint and, more importantly, because a PC sitting behind a NAT box is about a million times more secure than a PC sitting out there open with a public address. Brilliant.

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