EVGA's SuperNova PQ PSUs look powerful and quiet

EVGA is primarily known for its Nvidia-powered graphics cards, but the company's PSUs rectify and condition power for many users' computer systems, including a couple of my own. The company's latest SuperNova PQ Series power supplies are designed for system builders and upgraders looking for premium components, high efficiency, and a long warranty. Today's rollout includes 750-W, 850-W, and 1000-W models.

EVGA says the 100%-Japanese capacitors and the active-clamp circuit design used in the PQ PSUs help contribute to the units' 80-Plus Platinum efficiency rating. That label means the units should be capable of 92% or higher efficiency under "typical loads." The manufacturer touts 83.3 A from the largest model's single 12-V rail, a current level higher than many automotive battery chargers are capable of delivering. The 850-W model claims to deliver 70.8 A in the same metric, and smallest unit offers a still-stout 62.5 A.

Silence-seekers might choose EVGA's SuperNova PQ-series PSUs for the Eco mode feature that makes the large-diameter 135-mm fan sit still until needed. The company's charts suggests the 1000-W model must be pushed to about 30% of its maximum output before the fan starts spinning.

Builders looking for clean looks to go along with smooth and stable power delivery will doubtless delight in the mostly-modular, all-black cabling. The 24-pin ATX power connector wiring is shrouded in PET sleeving and is permanently affixed to the power supply. The rest of the cables use ribbon-style wires and can be disconnected when not needed. Given that just about every application will require the 24-pin connector, this should make tidy wiring jobs less of a hassle. The included cables can be swapped out for EVGA's individually-sleeved cable kits in the event that some color is desired. The included cable selection varies by model, but all units include two EPS cables for CPU power and at least four PCIe power cables.

EVGA backs its SuperNova PQ Series power supplies with a ten-year warranty. The PSUs are up for pre-order now at Newegg. The SuperNova 750 PQ starts the party at $140, the 850 PQ is a bit pricier at $160, and getting that juicy SuperNova 1000 PQ will set buyers back $210. The e-tailer says units should start shipping on April 11.

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