HyperX Pulsefire Surge cuts the cruft

It wasn't all that long ago that if you wanted a mouse with a fancy sensor, you had to deal with all sorts of gimmicky features you probably didn't care about. Nowadays there's a number of mice out there based on top-class hardware without unnecessary cruft. One such pointer-pusher is HyperX's Pulsefire Surge. This simple six-button ambidextrous design echoes an earlier era of mouse chic.

Not to be confused with the company's entry-level Pulsefire FPS, the Surge is a true high-end gaming mouse. It sports Pixart's latest production, the PMW3389. That's an infrared LED sensor that boasts an optical resolution of up to 16,000 DPI and is capable of tracking at up to 400 inches per second (over 10 m/s). We're not sure that kind of performance is strictly necessary, but we suppose it's better to overshoot the limits of human capability than not.

Like most high-end mice, the Pulsefire Surge has onboard memory to which it can save your settings for its six buttons. There's macro programming on tap, along with various advanced sensor configuration options. You can configure the RGB LED lighting on a per-LED basis, too. Folks who fancy a simple mouse with top-shelf performance can pick up a HyperX Pulsefire Surge on Amazon for $70.

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