Corsair Dominator Platinum Contrast RAM serves up monochrome magic

The high-contrast combination of black and white is one of the more striking color schemes you can choose for your PC parts. You might have had a hard time finding RAM that matched that aesthetic, though—at least, until now. Corsair's latest memory modules are the Dominator Platinum Special Edition Contrast, and as you've no doubt already guessed, they blend pearly white with gloss black for a bold look.

Make no mistake, gerbils—these are premium DIMMs. In fact, they're so fancy that they're even individually-numbered to prove their exclusivity. The black frame along the top of the modules has a white LED light bar, and Corsair has a lot to say about the modules' 10-layer PCB and patented cooling technology.

If you're more concerned about the quality of your RAM than its color scheme, you can probably rest assured that should you somehow end up with a set of Dominator Platinum sticks, they'll serve you well. The new modules come in dual- and quad-channel kits, and each stick is rated for 3466 MT/s operation. Corsair rates the DIMMs for 16-18-18-36 timings, although you'll need to supply them with 1.35 V for them to do their thing.

Folks who want the finest in monochrome memory modules can get them in any capacity as long as it's 32 GB. You can at least have your choice of a pair of 16-GB modules or a quartet of 8-GB sticks. Both kits are up for sale on Corsair's site already. The dual-channel pack will run you $440, while the kit with four DIMMs will set you back $480.

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