Cooler Master ML120R and ML240R let RGB LED fans take control

The whole point of all this PC personalization that folks do these days is to express their individuality. Colored case lighting goes a long way toward that goal, but what if your tastes change faster than your underwear? You need addressable RGB LED lights. Cooler Master's first all-in-one liquid coolers with addressable RGB LEDs are the MasterLiquid ML120R and MasterLiquid ML240R. The company first talked about these coolers at CES, and now they're available for sale. We have the full details, too, so let's dig in.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R

In case you're new to liquid cooling, the ML120R has a 120-mm radiator, while the ML240R has a 240-mm radiator. You get two fans either way, because the ML120R is designed to be set up in a push-pull configuration. The specific fans in question are Cooler Master's own MasterFan MF120R ARGB models. The A stands for "addressable," referring to the RGB LEDs on the fan itself.

The fans and the waterblock can be connected to lighting control headers from every major motherboard vendor. You can then just use your mobo's software to synchronize your illuminated equipment. Cooler Master includes a three-in-one RGB header splitter so you don't have to take up all your motherboard's lighting headers with just your CPU cooler. The company also throws in an addressable-RGB-LED controller for folks whose boards lack that feature.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120R

Aside from the fancy new lighting, the ML120R and ML240R look a lot like the existing MasterLiquid Lite series—so much so that we'd wager they use the same radiators. The dimensions are the same, anyway. At just under 1.1" thick (27 mm), we figure these radiators should fit most spaces meant for them. Just make sure you accomodate for that second fan on the ML120R.

As I mentioned above, the new MasterLiquid coolers with addressable RGB LED lighting are already available. Cooler Master's not asking much of a premium for the privilege, either. You can pick up a MasterLiquid ML120R at Newegg for $100. If you need more cooling (or more light) than that, the MasterLiquid ML240R is $20 more at $120.

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    • Chrispy_
    • 2 years ago

    This looks like their previous fan design, but with RGBLED madness and of course a price hike to cover the extra cost of such gimmickry.

    The fans were decent IIRC, but [b<]wouldn't it be great[/b<] if manufacturers spent their effort on improving the [i<]actual design[/i<], rather than taking the [i<]old design[/i<] and adding bling (and software to support said bling?)

      • DancinJack
      • 2 years ago

      To be totally fair, we’re talking fans here. There isn’t really much more science about fans we can get into. I don’t really disagree with you though.

      NF-F12 for lifffffeeeeeeeee

        • Chrispy_
        • 2 years ago

        Yeah, CM’s design is pretty good; Circular frames with no gimmicks, rubberised mounting hardware, swept-angle blades, and Delryn bearings that have decent lifespan.

        Still, there’s work that can be done on pump noise, there’s work that can be done on radiator fin design for reduced airflow noise, and there’s work that can be done on improving mounting compatibility. Nope, we’ve just got last years product with blinkenlights 🙁

    • christos_thski
    • 2 years ago

    April 29th, 2018. RGB fans become self aware.

      • Waco
      • 2 years ago

      April 30th, 2018. RGB kills off the last humans with functioning eyes.

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