WD's Ultrastar DC HC530 puts PMR to good use in 14 TB

It wasn't all that long ago that hard drives still beat SSDs for physical density. That's not the case anymore (as proven by these bad boys), but they're still miles ahead for price-per-gigabyte. Not every workload needs the performance of solid-state storage, either. Datacenters looking to pick up a few petabytes of storage could buy a few less drives now that WD has announced the Ultrastar DC HC530 in 14 TB capacity.

Savvy gerbils might wonder what recording technology this drive uses, and the answer is that the HC530 uses perpendicular magnetic recording rather than the slower shingled recording of other high-capacity hard drives. That means the drive will perform pretty much like any other datacenter-grade 7200-RPM hard drive, even in random write operations.   

The new drives will come in SATA 6 Gbps and SAS 12 Gbps models when they become available later this year. The company says it's already shipping them to "select hyperscale cloud customers" for qualification. Mere mortals will have to wait to get their hands on some of the biggest full-speed hard drives in the world.

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