G.Skill's Trident Z RGB and Sniper X kits for AMD get even faster

As Jeff remarked in his review, second-generation Ryzen parts more readily support speedy memory than their predecessors. That's a good thing, because system performance with AMD's CPUs benefits from higher memory speeds. If you're building a rig with a Ryzen 2000-series chip, G.Skill is armed and ready to supply you with sticks of extra-fast Sniper X and Trident Z RGB RAM built specifically for AMD's new chips.

The Trident Z RAM will come in two-module 16-GB kits clocked at 3200 MT/s, 3466 MT/s, and 3600 MT/s. At the lowest speed grade, G.Skill will also offer 32-GB kits in two- and four-module versions. Meanwhile, the Sniper X series for second-generation Ryzen chips include two-module 16-GB kits at 3400 MT/s and 3466 MT/s. Notably, the Sniper X memory at 3400 MT/s runs very tight 16-16-16-36 timings. All of the kits require 1.35 V to do their thing.

Aside from the speed grades, the Trident Z RGB and Sniper X kits vary in appearance. The Sniper X RAM has military-style camouflage accents on the top, while the Trident Z RGB naturally has RGB LED accents along their edge. We suspect most gerbils will be picking their RAM based on performance, though. The revised Sniper X and Trident Z RGB RAM hasn't hit the market yet, but G.Skill says it should be available in "late April," so keep an eye out.

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