der8auer and Asus took a Ryzen 7 2700X to 6 GHz

Champion overclocker der8auer has done it again. This time around, he's been using and abusing one of AMD's Ryzen 7 2700X CPUs, and his efforts have yielded him what is currently the highest-recorded clock speed on a Ryzen CPU yet: a whole 6 GHz. As you no doubt expect, that number was achieved using liquid nitrogen as the cooling medium and a scorching CPU core voltage of 1.85 V.

The motherboard that der8auer used is the Asus Crosshair VII Hero, although during the record-breaking event he ripped almost every identifying feature off it. The video above shows the process of preparing for the record-setting event in great detail. Der8auer's crew tried to break the Cinebench R15 world record—currently set at 2739 points, using a Core i7-7820—but topped out at 2627. The group did break the Geekbench 3 world record, though, setting a new multi-core record of 50804.

According to der8auer, the new CPUs allow tweakers to overclock by setting XFR clocks, much like you would overclock by adjusting turbo bins on an Intel CPU. This method of overclocking is usually better than forcing a high base clock multiplier because you can end up with a high all-core speed without sacrificing your top-end single-core speed. His recommendation for folks overclocking on air or liquid cooling is to stick to around 1.2-1.3 V core voltage, and to shoot for around a 4.1-GHz all-core clock.

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