The TR BBQ XV is just two months away

Wait, there's really just two months to go before the TR BBQ XV? Man, I need to get my act together! Whose crazy idea was it to have the event so early in the summer?

Time really does fly when you're having fun, and the Westrate household has been positively chock-full of "fun" since the beginning of the year. I suppose that's only natural when 12 people are living under one roof, but that's another story (and a minor spoiler for my upcoming router review). Anyway, speaking of time flying, I started thinking about 15 years' worth of TR BBQs and what the world looked like back when it all started.

[insert mystical flashback transition]

Around the time of the first TR BBQ, gerbils were stoked about the overclocks they were getting on their shiny new Athlon XP "Barton" CPUs and waiting for the now-legendary Athlon 64 CPUs to drop. Intel who? Dual sockets, not dual cores, were the name of the game if you wanted more power (and Tim Allen grunt references were only a couple years stale at that point). Speaking of tired jokes, no one was making cracks about Half-Life 3 because Half-Life 2 was about to miss its planned 2003 release date and get bumped a year to 2004. Yes, that means the TR BBQ is older than Steam.

Let's do a few more. SpaceX was just one year old when gerbils gathered for the first BBQ, and those folks sure have made good use of the time in between. Funnily enough, the launch of Facebook was still a year away, and YouTube was still two years out—in fact, YouTube's very first video got uploaded 13 years ago today.

Nostalgia isn't the only reason for this journey down memory lane, though. It's also a guilt trip. Many gerbils have cried BBQ over the years only to never actually make the trip. If you're one of those procrastinators, how's that working out for you? I'll bet it's even trickier to make the time now than it used to be. Take my advice: figure out the logistics, shed your other responsibilities, post in the TR BBQ XV thread, and get you rear to Holland, MI on June 23 for a great time. I mean, who knows how many more TR BBQs there will be?

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